Kizhi Wooden Church + Graveyard Kit

  • Kizhi Wooden Church + Graveyard Kit
  • Kizhi Wooden Church + Graveyard Kit
  • Kizhi Wooden Church + Graveyard Kit
  • Kizhi Wooden Church + Graveyard Kit

The north-west of Russia is rich in a particular kind of works of folk art, the Wooden Churches. The most famous of these is located in the historical site of Kizhi island, dating from the 17th century and is rated the world's eighth wonder and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is said that “During World War II, a Finnish pilot refused to obey an order to bomb Kizhi Island. He was in awe of the unusual architecture of the wooden churches and couldn’t bring himself to carry out the mission.”.

The “Kizhi Wooden Church” model represents a wooden church, such as the ones we can find on Kizhi Island, featuring an octagonal tower with arches and an onion dome, and is definitely one of our finest looking models and one very rich in detail.

From about the 7th century A.D., the process of burial was traditionally on the lands near a church, the so-called churchyard, thus giving origine to the name Graveyard.

The “Russian Orthodox Graveyard” model represents what would possibly be the graveyard near the “Kizhi Wooden Church”.

This model is a 28mm scale model, laser cut on 2mm and 3mm MDF, with laser etched detail. Comes unpainted and unassembled and and features the following approximately dimensions:

- Kizhi Wooden Church: 8.46" x 5.79" x 10.04"
- Russian Orthodox Graveyard: 8.78" x 5.51" x 2.09"


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inches 17.24" x 5.79" x 10.04"
cm 43.80 x 14.70 x 25.50

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Kizhi Wooden Church + Graveyard Kit

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