The Russian Village

From the richness of details and the rustic emblematic appearance of the Izba constructions to the Kizhi Wooden Churches, comes the inspiration to create Scenic Store's 1st ever collection of models...

In rural Russia, tradition had it that building a house was a landmark event for every farmer.

Often the construction of choice was the Izba, a traditional construction made from logs and river clay which is characterised by usually having a Russian oven in its interior, used for heating and cooking, thus making every Izba dwelling have a chimney.

On this collection, our Creative and Production Director, Mário Laranja, takes us to rural Russia not forgetting to pay due homage to the amazing Wooden Churches.

It's with great honor that we present to you the "Russian Village", the 1st collection of Scenic Store that you can now find here.

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Welcome to the Scenic Store! the place where the designs of our Creative and Production Director, designer Mário Laranja, come to life and are display...
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