It's words like "really well designed", “the level of accuracy that they hold themselves to is astounding” and “it fits together probably better than any kit I’ve built before” that really make it worth every single minute of our dedication to this project.

Thank you The Average Tabletop Gamers for the amazing review you did of our Izba Small Family House (…/russian-vill…/izba-small-family-house ) and Izba Lumberjack Kit (  ), and specially for showing to everyone, how our models actually look like. We hope you all enjoy this video, and if you're curious about our products or news on this subject, make sure you subscribe to The Average Tabletop Gamers channel on YouTube !

The Russian Village
From the richness of details and the rustic emblematic appearance of the Izba constructions to the Kizhi Wooden Churches, comes the inspiration to cre...
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