Izba Small Family House (ruins)

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  • Izba Small Family House (ruins)
  • Izba Small Family House (ruins)
  • Izba Small Family House (ruins)
  • Izba Small Family House (ruins)

In rural Russia, tradition has it that building a house was a landmark event for every farmer. Often the construction of choice was the “izba”, a traditional construction made from logs and river clay which is characterized by usually having a Russian oven in its interior, used for heating and cooking, thus making every “izba” dwelling have a chimney. It is said that the oven could occupy a big part of the available area inside the dwelling, depending on the size of the construction.

The “Small Family Shattered House” model is based on the “izba” construction, and is composed of a small family house, with 1 floor and featuring a wood bench on the outside, similar to the model “Izba Small Family House”, only as if it had been destroyed, thus having lots of debris.

This model is a 28mm scale model, laser cut on 2mm and 3mm MDF, with laser etched detail. Comes unpainted and unassembled and features approximately 157cm² of total area (including base board).

inches 5.47 x 4.45 x 3.86
cm 13.9 x 11.3 x 9.8

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Izba Small Family House (ruins)

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